Why are the wealthy, wealthy?

Aside from the obvious income, the fact is that those with wealth have vision. This vision is what drives them to succeed. What allows them to get up when they get knocked down. To push forward in the face of adversity.

Having the opportunity to work with a broad range of people from all walks of life, the one common theme we witness with those that succeed, vs those that don’t, is vision.

The question to ask yourself is “WHAT IS MY VISION?”

Let’s be real, it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve something we are not aiming at. If we look at an archer at the Olympics, imagine they were firing the arrow haphazardly, with no target. How can they succeed? They aren’t hitting a target, therefor there is no success, because there is no real point.

The vision we create for ourselves will become reality. If you are prepared to COMMIT. Achieving anything in life requires discipline, hard work and a strong commitment. No level of success happens by accident.

So, let’s get back to the wealthy, the absolute commonality between those we have been fortunate enough to spend time with, is they always knew they would be wealthy. They also knew it would take time, effort and consistency. By having those ingredients, they achieved the goal. We aren’t talking about those that inherit wealth either. We are talking about the average people in the street, who had a vision, then sort the education needed to execute the vision, then applied that education to their life to live the vision.

WHAT IS YOUR VISION? Too many people feel that they just can’t be wealthy, that it is beyond them, that it is reserved for the “lucky people”. The fact is, that is NOT TRUE. Being wealthy isn’t about fancy cars, lavish holidays and mansions either. It is about security. It is about ensuring that you provide a life for you family where money is not your biggest concern. When you have your finances sorted, you have security, and choices. Choices of how to spend your time. Who to spend time with and can also become a better service to the community.


Let us show you how you can start living that vision. At Option Wealth, our vision is to help you live yours. Book an appointment now, so we can help you enjoy the freedom that security gives, and live the vision you thought was only a dream.

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