Who is Option Wealth?

When you work with Option Wealth Solutions you get much
more than a Wealth Management Program, or Financial Planning

“We are not in the Financial Services business – our true work is Life Enhancement.
By helping you overcome ANYTHING BLOCKING you from doing what you KNOW
you SHOULD be doing, you then become free to do what you LOVE.”

A very wise marketing expert once said, ‘People don’t buy what you’re selling, they buy why you’re selling it.’ You already know we’re selling wealth creation through property investment, which is why you’re reading this, but what you may not know is why we’re doing it.

The Big Picture – What Are We Doing, and Where Are We Going?

To begin with, I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘visionary’ or even someone special – to me, that’s always been someone like the Dalai Lama or Nelson Mandela – I just wanted to get things done. But through the years my understanding of what makes a visionary is changing and growing with me. I now believe that a visionary is someone whose Inner Vision (what they see for themselves) and Inner Voice (what they tell themselves) are louder and clearer than all the outer visions and voices in the world around them. For that person, their vision is so powerful, so real, that they simply cannot see anything else, and when that happens nothing can stop their eventual success. I believe that is a true definition of a Visionary.

Personally my, vision is so big I’ve never come to the end of it, never been able to see it all at once, and that’s as it should be. Why? Because all true visions are infinite and immortal, just as we are in our true nature. If you’re wise, you’ll make sure that your vision is as vast as you are, otherwise you’ve just turned the great infinite into a little finite and settled for less than you could be.

The bigger the vision, the greater the life, so I’ve made sure my vision extends beyond my own life, and thus, will never completely be fulfilled – but I can work on it every day of my life.

The Purpose of Purpose

I’ve never cared much for Mission Statements – not only are they clichéd, they’re also about achieving goals, and any goal that’s achievable is by definition finite, and relatively small. But I’ve always related to the word Purpose, because it is never-ending and constantly expanding. Fortunately my company and I have similar purposes for our existence, and any success in one is a success in the other.

Just as with my own, I don’t believe Option Wealth’s Purpose is finite, but will continue to grow and expand indefinitely. And oddly enough, even though we are in the business of very tangible things – wealth and property – my big picture isn’t really concrete at all. It’s not about the number of branches or products or divisions that we have, not about the bricks and mortar, but about the spirit that creates and invests it all.

What I truly care about is the fulfillment of the human spirit,
and everything else is just a vehicle in the pursuit of that purpose.

The Vision

So now, having said all that, here is my Vision and Purpose, the Big Picture in its simplest possible form. Imagine a beautiful, still, pond. Now imagine dropping a stone right in the middle of that stillness, and watch the ripples spread in the shape of a perfect circle out to the farthest edges of the water.

The pond is every client we will ever serve, we are the stone, and the ripples are the effect we have on their lives. As we grow, we automatically make bigger ripples in bigger ponds until the world itself is touched and changed by our presence and our work.

The magical thing is that once the ripples reach the limits of the pond, they flow back to where they were created – to Option Wealth, to us.

Having a big vision takes courage. It means not being afraid to make big waves in small ponds, and staying true to the end goal. I think that’s why people like Nelson Mandela have such an effect on the world, because of the size of their vision and their ability to stay true to it, to do whatever it takes to make it come true.

Well, that’s my answer, my vision – what’s yours? And would you like some help making it come true?

“The two most important days in your life
are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

At Option Wealth we’ll provide you with tools and knowledge to get you from where you are now to where you dream of being, giving you the financial freedom to spend your time doing things you love, with the people you care for most.


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