The importance of having a wealth plan

“The person who has a plan, has their battle half won.”

So said Miguel Cervantes said more than 400 years ago. It’s as relevant now as it was then.

Why is having a plan so important? We’ve all heard adages, like, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” But is it really true?

The simple answer is: YES. And it’s backed up by dozens of scientific studies that have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that having a plan, target, or goal, drastically improves performance in any facet of life.

But sometimes having a plan is not QUITE enough. You may well want to achieve a specific level of financial affluence. At that point, you have options.

Understand this: your financial position is the key factor that determines what lifestyle options are at your discretion.

But merely having a plan is only the first of 4 critical steps…

  1. Having a goal of what you want to have financially
  2. Add a time you want that by, so now it’s not a goal, it’s a plan
  3. Take action to achieve it
  4. Have the discipline to stick to it

Most people don’t get past step 1. They have a goal, without any real time commitment, and never take any action (let alone, discipline themselves to ensure they continue along their chosen path).

They never reap the lifestyle rewards they could. They never get to sit back, and fully examine all the wonderful options their financial position affords them.

They fail.

So… in light of that… what makes some people succeed. What makes some people follow through and complete their 4 steps?

The simple answer is that they understand their REALITY. They make sure that their goals are ACHIEVABLE.

And then you work backwards.

In fact, Thomas Watson, who built IBM from his garage into a huge multinational described his process as, “I imagined what I wanted, and worked backwards.” He started with his goal, and worked backwards, developing his plan in smaller, actionable steps.

And in this complex day and age, for most of us, that means getting help from an expert.

There are an abundance of experts who operate in the growing “wealth creation” field. Experts who can reverse engineer your outcomes, guide you towards that goal, keep you accountable, and basically ensure that you reach your goals as efficiently as possible (without compromising on your lifestyle tooooo much!).

And why not get a full evaluation of your options by starting right now? Contact us on 1300 878 898 and we can start your journey. Find out exactly where you’re at and what you could achieve over coffee with one of our expert team.

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