Wealth Management & Private Wealth

Wealth Management & Private Wealth

What once was considered a service offered solely to those who were already classified as ‘financially wealthy’, private wealth is now a service which Option Wealth is proud to offer all Australians looking to create and grow their fortune.

We provide a high end provision whereby our clients receive their own personal advisor to oversee, consolidate and grow all aspects of their finances. By utilising all the experts on our team, we are able to tailor a strategic plan specifically based around your current situation and future goals.

Once a new plan is implemented, we strive to go one step further and continually monitor your progress, offering periodic reviews. Our devotion to making sure you are successful may mean adapting the original blueprint based on circumstantial or goal-oriented changes. We measure our success by the achievements of YOUR goals; that’s what drives the recommendations we make, and the decisions we take.


Our unique approach is highlighted by Option Wealth’s 6 Steps to Success:


  • Identifying your path is our starting point, before we met, now and beyond your retirement
  • Reducing Your Debt, the single biggest obstacle standing in the way of real financial security
  • Minimising Your Tax, so that you have more of your hard earned dollars building your future security
  • Building Your Wealth, for some this is where the fun begins, for us this is just another step in the process
  • Managing Your Risk, it is vital we analyse and protect your assets, ensuring your well laid out plans remain just that
  • Creating Your Legacy, the final piece of the process, but no less important than each step before. Helping you lay the foundation for those you love most and want to aid with their journey in life.

That’s our UNIQUE approach to your ULTIMATE success

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