Property Investments

Property Investments

Property Investment | Strategic Advisory Service

It is no secret that the backbone of many wealthy individuals around the World is property investment. At Option Wealth, we strongly believe there is nothing that compares to a carefully selected, direct property portfolio to help you achieve true financial freedom.

We structure our property investment strategies around three pillars: research, education and analysis. Our research is done in house, which ensures YOU, the investor, are fully armed to make the most informed decision regarding your investment.

To even be considered, a property must first meet our very strict criteria, ensuring it has the potential to be lucrative. For over 26 years, we have specialised in the research, acquisition, management and sale of residential investment property; you are in good hands!


Researching and reporting of various property markets throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Thorough study of demographics, job markets and infrastructure in specific identified areas;


Education of sound property investment and wealth management principles delivered to you, the client. Teaching and informing of different technicalities, processes and terminology, thus, allowing you to make smarter decisions;


Analysis and selection of quality investment properties that will assist our clients in their pursuit of making a capital gain. Comparisons of several opportunities outlining weighted benefits and risks.

In order for us to even consider a property, it needs to meet our very strict criteria which can be highlighted in 8 key areas.

 Our 8 Core Selection Principles are:
  • Capital Growth Rate
  • Population Growth
  • Residential Vacancy Rate
  • Established and Planned Infrastructure
  • Median Property Price
  • Rental Yield
  • Tax Effectiveness
  • Little Luxuries

Start building your property portfolio today!

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