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Has Covid-19 affected your
retirement plan or financial goals?
You are not alone…


Free Seminar

Do you dream of an early retirement,
but stress over debt and a lack of savings?

“For a majority of Australians, in their 40s to 60s, achieving financial independence, retiring happy or even being debt free seems like an unattainable goal.

During the events hosted by the Option Wealth team, we teach everyday Australians how to make their money work for them, creating a financial foundation for their future. We’ve been doing this for 20 years, don’t be left out.”

Our Approach

We create, educate and help you implement strategies which are as UNIQUE AS YOU…
Give your finances a total makeover at this unique educational seminar and learn how to accumulate and protect wealth like the wealthy.

Upcoming Events

Check out which suburbs and venues we will be visiting in the near future:


10th February 2021

Mercure Liverpool (LCC)


Venue: Mercure Liverpool (LCC)
Address: 424/458 Hoxton Park Rd, Prestons NSW 2170
Date: Wednesday 10th February 2021
Time: 6:30 PM Registration


17th February 2021

Campbelltown Catholic Club


Venue: Campbelltown Catholic Club
Address: 20/22 Camden Rd, Campbelltown NSW 2560
Date: Wednesday 17th February 2021
Time: 6:30 PM Registration

How Healthy Are Your Finances? Really?

Do you dream of an early retirement but stress about debt and a lack of superannuation savings?
Sadly, many Australians work their whole lives only to find they do not have enough to survive on come retirement.
The reason? A lack of financial planning and education during their working years.
Yet those who plan their finances wisely are able to accumulate wealth and live financially free, even on modest incomes.

So how healthy are your finances?
Take this quick financial health check to find out.

Q. Are you effectively structured to minimize tax?
“Can a people tax themeselves into prosperity?”
“Can a man stand in a bucket and lift himself up by the handle?”
– Winston Churchill
Many people lose tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands unnecessarily to tax due to poorly structured investments and superannuation. For instance, placing an investment into a self-managed super fund allows you to avoid capital gains tax and earnings tax during the pension phase, and significantly reduce earnings and capital gains taxes while you accumulate.

A company structure is taxed at a flat rate of 30% and can be used to trap losses against future earnings. Trusts can also slash your tax by distributing income to different family members. The good news is it really is possible to legally minimize, even eliminate your tax obligations with the right tax structure and professional advice.

Q. Are your assets protected from lawsuits and creditors?
“The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.”
– Nelson Rockefeller, Entrepreneur & Politician
The tragedy of today’s legal system means you become a target for law suits the moment you accumulate unprotected assets and savings. All it takes is a minor accident or financial dispute and your home, your investments, even your superannuation could be at risk if a lawyer discovers they are unprotected. Even if you defend a lawsuit and win, it could still cost you tens of thousands in legal fees, not to mention loss of reputation and the high degrees of stress and anxiety that come with it.

One of the secrets of the wealthy is to protect your assets through trusts and company structures so your wealth is untouchable. Thankfully it’s possible to shield your wealth from lawsuits and creditors with the right structure and professional assistance.

Q. Do your finances suffer from emotional investing?
“If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your finances.”
– Warren Buffet, Business Magnate & Super Investor
Research shows investors have a knack for getting caught up in media hype or fear and buy or sell investments near the peaks and valleys of a market. For example, a money flow analysis of mutual funds between 1988 through to 2009 found the greatest money flows occurred near the peaks and valleys of a market. Investors generally pulled their money in greater numbers after a market hit bottom, then reinvested after the market had moved near the peak.

Emotional investing tends to magnify volatility and your investments suffer as a result.
If you’ve ever bought or sold an investment because of a media report or so-called insider tip, you could be an emotional investor. The good news is you can conquer emotional investing with consistent savings, detailed analysis and financial education.

Q. Do you have a financial plan created with professional assistance?
“Hope is not a financial plan.”
– Ric Edelman, Financial Commentator & Author
No decision is harder – or has higher stakes – than how you manage your finances NOW to create your future.

Yet a Mortgage Choice’s 2014 Money Survey found 9 out of 10 of Australians (89.4%) do not have a financial plan created by a financial planner.

Another study by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) and Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) found twice as many Australians (41%) turn to friends and family for financial advice compared to a financial planner (just 23%). Yet those who work with a financial planner generally feel better prepared to achieve their financial goals. The good news is you can attend one of our free financial education seminars and hear expert advice on how to make your money work harder for you.

Q. Do you have an investment portfolio that can support you in retirement?
“Leverage is the reason some people become rich and others do not.”
– Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author
According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s Retirement Standard (ASFA), you need $545,000 to retire comfortably as an individual and $640,000 as a couple plus own your own home.

However, these figures
may be misleading for four reasons.

Firstly, these figures are based on an annual income of $42,893 for singles and $58,922 for couples. Yet global economic turmoil has resulted in a dramatic slide in interest rates and share market returns.

For instance, a 5-year term deposit paid 7.25 per cent in August 2010 yet offers just to 3.2 per cent today. Lower returns mean you need more capital.

Secondly, your nest egg has to last much longer. A 65-year-old female reportedly has a 50 per cent chance of living until she is 91. A 65-year-old male has a similar chance of living until he is 88.

Yet in 1956 the average lifespan was just 67. The longer you live, the more money you need to sustain your lifestyle.

Thirdly, this figure doesn’t factor in inflation. A financial method known as ‘the rule of 72’ helps you understand the impact of inflation. You simply divide 72 by the rate of inflation to calculate how many years it will take for that figure to double.

Inflation has averaged roughly 5% a year. This means the amount you need to live on comfortably in retirement will double every 14.4 years (72/5 = 14.4) and double roughly one and a half times during your retirement.

An Australian Financial review article recently reported a figure of $1 million in retirement assets per person may be more realistic for those wanting to maintain their lifestyles. Furthermore, the most realistic way for ordinary Australian’s to create this kind of wealth is leveraged investing during your working years.
Is the end of the pension nigh?
Australia faces big economic challenges ahead and the pension could be under pressure.
Thankfully there are many tools and strategies at your disposal able to create the wealth you need and it’s never too late to start.

Introducing the ‘Post Covid: How to Thrive Financially’ Seminars.
Learn Strategies to HelpRebound from the Pandemic
& Protect Your Wealth

Benjamin Franklin once said an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. When you are financially educated, you feel empowered. Decisions aren’t made for you, but rather with you. Your path becomes clearer. You can spot the pitfalls and sharks. You become excited by your finances, not stressed by it.

On the flip side the cost of financial education – that is being bad with money – are equally apparent. Those with minimal or even non-existent financial educations borrow more, do not invest, have trouble with debt and inevitably end up with a far lower standard of living than was otherwise achievable. If you are uncertain about your financial future and would like to learn how to pay off your debt and create financial freedom for you and your loved ones, you are invited to attend Option Wealth’s financial education seminar.

This Popular Educational
Seminar Is For You If…

  • You are an individual or couple
  • You have been affected financially by Covid-19
  • You are still working and uncertain about your finances
  • You want to pay off debt and achieve financial independence wisely
  • You want to legally minimize your tax and protect your assets
  • You want a financial foundation to comfortably retire on
  • You want to leave some sort of wealth behind for loved ones

Passionately Objective and Results Focused
— Your Interests Always Come First At Option Wealth.

With countless ways to make and lose money
and so many hidden vested interests, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Fiercely Independent

Unlike many financial advisory services, we are not product driven. We have no associations with property developers or fund managers. We are strategy focused based on your individual risk profile and investment objectives.

Personalized Solutions

We help you build and accelerate your wealth with a comprehensive range of tailored solutions and strategic options including wealth accumulation, retirement and asset protection strategies.

Education Focused

We focus on lifting your financial education as part of our service so you can arrive at each decision more empowered, more involved and more informed.

Licensed Financial Advisors

We are federally licensed to provide financial services by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and therefore bound by strict financial regulation relating to fairness and accountability.

20 Years Cumulative Track Record

We have been helping everyday people improve their wealth and lifestyle for over 20 years. Our clients range from ordinary mums and dads to celebrities and high net worth investors.

More Client Success Stories

“We were overwhelmed to discover we were on track to only having enough to retire for about ten years.”
“We’re 4 or 5 times more buoyant by taking action than otherwise we would have been.”
“My end goal is to be financially independent and achieve it as fast as I can. And I am one or two steps closer to that.”
“They understand the banks, property, the whole lot. Every aspect of investing, they know.”

Discover Our Proven 6 Step
Plan To Financial Independence

Identifying Your Path

  • Get a clear understanding of where you stand and what you want to achieve.
  • See if your super is on target and if you should increase contributions, pay down debt or invest separately.
  • Recognize which path offers you the best returns based on your personal circumstances.

Reducing Your Debt

  • Discover how to reduce your debt faster without altering your lifestyle.
  • Learn the smartest way to pay off your mortgage.
  • Learn how to add leverage to your debt.

Minimizing Your Tax

  • Learn about different tax structures including the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Understand different ways to legally minimize, even eliminate taxes on your investments.
  • See if a self-managed or managed structure is right for you.

Creating Your Wealth

  • Understand the mechanics of tax effective, leveraged investing and how it can speed up your financial goals.
  • Learn the most effective approach for investing in shares, even if you are a share market dummy.
  • Understand how to structure your property investments with help from the ATO.

Managing Your Risk

  • Discover how to reduce your debt faster without altering your lifestyle.
  • Learn the smartest way to pay off your mortgage.
  • Learn how to add leverage to your debt.

Leaving Your Legacy

  • Learn about different tax structures including the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Understand different ways to legally minimize, even eliminate taxes on your investments.
  • See if a self-managed or managed structure is right for you.

About Your Presenter

With over 20 years of property and financial services experience, John Hanna is a best-selling author, popular wealth educator and sought after financial mentor.

Coming from a background of poverty himself, John now helps everyday people access financial solutions and options that would not normally be presented to them and which are generally limited to the wealthy.

As a popular educator, John educates people on time-tested wealth creation approaches through his best-selling book ‘Way of the Wealthy’, and through educational seminars, workshop and consulting to clients around Australia.

John’s client list includes ordinary mums and dads, high-net worth investors and celebrities including four-time World Welterweight Champion Kostya Tszyu, and International Singer/Songwriter Delta Goodrem.

The tools and strategies John shares are time-tested and immediately applicable if you want to achieve your financial goals sooner.



 John is the co-author of the book “Way of the Wealthy: in the footsteps of the masters.”  Written with Timothy Marlowe, in this book John covers a range of wealth and finance related topics as well as his path from poverty to wealth. 

Dr. John F. Demartini, founder of the Demartini Institute, describes “Way of the Wealthy”- ‘Way of the Wealthy is clear, informative, revealing, inspiring and filled with life-changing philosophical principles and practical financial action steps that can change personal and financial destinies.’

Mr. Hanna has also been featured in “A Journey of Riches: Transformational Change.”

More times than not, John is gracious enough to gift those that come to the seminars a free copy of his book, don’t miss out!

Why You Should Attend
According To Robert Kiyosaki

You Can Sit On Your Hands And Hope For The Best,
Or Take A Positive Step And Make it Happen.

Many people sit on their hands and hope their future is going to change. However, being inactive and taking no action is not going to change your circumstances in the long-term. The first and most important step to a better future is to lift your financial education.

Join us at this financial education seminar and see where your finances really stand. You will also learn strategies of the wealthy to creating passive income and building more wealth wisely. Seats are complimentary — can’t imagine this would be a waste, can you?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this seminar free?
  • This seminar is free to help increase your financial education and introduce you to potential strategies on how to pay off debt, minimize your taxes and accumulate wealth wisely.
  • Will this event be a big sales pitch?
  • This 60-minute seminar is filled with real content and has proven popular amongst individuals and couples concerned about their finances. At the end there will be an opportunity to talk with us further. Most people spend more time planning a holiday than their finances. Can’t imagine this would be a waste, can you?

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