The Stoneridge Group Team
shares with pride reviews from clients

The Stoneridge Group Team shares with pride Reviews From Clients

There’s no better recommendation than glowing reviews from our valued clients, and nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve helped them on their journey towards living a life of financial freedom and security.

We’re honoured that you have chosen to trust Stoneridge Group for the next phase of your financial journey, and we’d like you to KNOW that we WILL walk with you EVERY step of the way.

We could easily tell you how many clients we’ve served. Describe how their wealth and security has increased, but why should you take our word for it?

The most reliable endorsement for anyone is from those who know and have experienced the benefits themselves, so we’ll let our clients share their journeys through these written reviews as well as video reviews.

Here are a few reviews and testimonials from just some of the many people whose lives we’ve been able to Enhance. We’re certain they will give you confidence during this exciting, yet, scary new stage in your life.

To Stoneridge Group Employees.
I appreciate you all making this investment process so stressfree.
Trusting the companies expertise every step of the way was like a breath of fresh air.
Let’s hope more miracles can happen in the future.
God Bless

Reviewed by Victoria

Outstanding service

Honesty and integrity and the way that everything was clearly explained changed our view quickly.
After spending a lot of time asking us what we wanted, Stoneridge then did some quite extensive research and came back to us with a plan, that they knew would be good for our personal situation. We felt comfortable with the whole process and will continue to use them and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for guidance with their financial future.
“One stop”… is how we would sum it up – everything we need to progress our financial future is there at Stoneridge

Review Shared by Steve & Pauline

The Stoneridge team took the time and effort trying to make every process easy to understand. The plans and layout that Stoneridge has designed just for us are extremely impressive.

Thank you to the Stoneridge team for putting the time and effort into making this happen. We appreciate the hard work you put in. Thank you again.

Review For Stoneridge by Khorn & Phirath

100% satisfied

We were 100% satisfied with Stoneridge. We would be the first to admit that sometimes we don’t understand things straight away. Stoneridge took the time to explain things as many times as we need until it sunk in. The team of Planners and finance consultants were second to none. We would have no hesitation in recommending the entire team at Stoneridge.

Greg & Karen

Exceptional service.

Everything that Stoneridge suggested was supported by extensive research and statistics. Stoneridge was very user friendly. Things were not difficult to understand and a plan was laid out for us to get from where we were when we first met Stoneridge to where we wanted to go with our future financial plans.

Stoneridge Group Reviews by Ian & Terry

Stoneridge Group looked after us and were very big on research and didn’t leave anything to chance.
The entire team certainly know what they are talking about, and we feel very comfortable with them looking after us from here on in. I was extremely impressed with the research that went into making sure that our plan forward, met all of our requirements.

Stoneridge Group Review by Jeremy

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