Turbulent times typically offer unique buying opportunities and the property market is reflecting that across most major cities, particularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. With demand having been at almost all-time highs before our lives were put on hold due to the pandemic, now is definitely a great time to take stock and review your finances.

Savvy property investors aren’t being spectators, wondering when things will subside but rather, they are jumping in and taking advantage of an excellent buyer’s market. Many experts in the industry advise that if potential purchasers haven’t been too adversely affected by the crisis, then it could be an excellent time to continue with those plans of securing your first home, upgrading to a larger family home or planning to secure your retirement by investing for your future. As history has shown us, ‘time-in’ the market will always reap rewards in the long run when it comes to property.

The property market has always been driven by supply and demand and one of our key roles here at Option, when selecting the right investment for our clients, is to ensure that the location chosen for you is in a growth corridor, surrounded by multiple employment industries, strong infrastructure and driven by a very healthy rental demand.

As we start to see restrictions begin to soften and the light at the end of the tunnel brighten towards going back to what we took for granted only a few months ago, we have already begun researching and targeting the best investment areas for our clients to invest in. Negotiations with our developers have resulted in a number of added-on bonuses such as rental guarantees, upgraded appliances and even cash back rewards to ensure we are getting you, our client, the right investment at the right price.

 We are committed to securing YOU a secure and comfortable future. 




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