Congratulations! The RBA has cut interest rates to record lows.

On July 2, 2019 the RBA cut the cash rate another 25 base points, which has the rate at 1.00 percent.

So, what does this mean for YOU?

  1. You should be able to get a better deal on your mortgage. Given the base rate being so low, I wouldn’t expect banks to pass the full amount on, but it should still see a reduction.

2. By getting a better deal, you should have a little extra in your pocket. No, you’re not going to be buying the latest Mercedes, but no one ever complains if they have extra cash right!

3. Over the medium term, Sydney housing prices should start to climb. Off the back of a pretty ordinary year in the Sydney market, prices have started to increase. Some analysts say this should continue as more people re-enter the market to buy, while others expect Sydney prices to continue South by another 10% to 20%.

So, what should you do?


    The average mortgage in NSW in March 2018 was $445,000 (according to At the same time, the average advertised rate was 5.25% on a variable interest rate. This equates to monthly repayments of $2457 per month or just shy of $30,000 per year. If we then take the 25 base points off, which takes the interest rate to 5% this comes in at $2389 per month or $28,668 per year, with annual savings of approximately $1300 or a little over $100 per month.Now that may not seem like a lot… but is that not better in your pocket?Spend time to save money by reviewing your current mortgage.
  2. SHOP AROUND – you have a great rate – but is it enough?

The rates mentioned above are national averages. Many people have better rates than this currently.


SO? Shop around anyway.

If we use the calculation of $445,000 over 30 years at interest of 5% (just to keep consistency on averages) that equates to a repayment total of $860,040 over the life of the loan for a loan of $445,000.

This means you pay $415,000 in INTEREST.

We are specialists in not only getting the best deals available, but also developing strategies to pay your home off in half the time.

  1. THINK ABOUT HOW YOUR LIFE WOULD LOOK if you could pay the mortgage in half the time.Not just saving interest, but also increasing your household disposable income dramatically.


Contact us to arrange a discovery call.

Together we will find the simplest way to not only get you a better deal on your mortgage, but to help you pay it off in half the time.

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