Resources & Tools

Resources & Tools

Feel free to download our FREE e-book on the 8 Property Selection Criteria below. Complete the required details below and you will be directed to our downloads page. All of our e-Books are completely FREE, so feel free to download all of them!

FREE e-book on the 8 Property Selection Criterias

In order for Stoneridge to be satisfied that a particular property represents a sound investment choice, that property must meet our 8 Property Selection Criteria.

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FREE e-book on the 7 Wealth Laws

There are many laws and formulae that govern our universe and our economy and there have also been many different and innovative formulae created for the attainment of wealth and financial security.

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FREE e-book Thinking about a self-managed super fund

Managing your own super is a big responsibility. Super is meant for your retirement, so there are special rules about how it is managed and when you can access it.

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FREE e-book Setting up a self-managed super fund

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) can be a great way to provide for your retirement. Now that you’ve decided to establish your own fund, it’s important you are aware of your responsibilities and obligations as a trustee.

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FREE e-book Running a self-managed super fund

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are now the largest and fastest growing segment of the super industry.

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