Why did the chicken cross the road? That’s right, to get to the other side. This old *hilarious* joke, is actually quite the analogy of life. Why do we do anything? We do things to progress, improve, grow and to be moving forward in life. Yet, what stops us from doing certain things that we know we should? FEAR.

Fear prevents us from moving forward

The meaning of the word ‘fear’ is to have an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. This definition is one of several, however all the definitions refer to the emotion or emotional response. What causes fear is the anticipation of danger, so in order to overcome fear we must be aware of danger, and overcome the fear by having less anticipation of the unknown.

When it comes to finance and financial matters, the biggest fear we witness from our clients is based around the uncertainty towards their future. In this case, many of them have become comfortable in their discomfort. As the saying goes, ‘in times of trial or crisis, our minds refer to what is familiar, not necessarily what is best.’
We simply decide to stay in the familiar environment of struggle, as we already know the outcome, even though it’s not necessarily what we want.

So how does one overcome these fears?

Step 1: decide what is most important to you.

Is it important to remove the burden of your mortgage? Are your fears related to money? What is truly important to you?
Do you consider it important to improve your cash flow in the short to long term, while also building wealth to retire more financially secure and build a future for your children?

These may seem like confronting and hard-hitting questions, but providing financial security and moving towards financial freedom is often more important to us than we’d like to accept.
For many, the fear that lies with these questions is the fear of the unknown. In other words, we fear what we do not understand. That’s why at Option Wealth, we not only do the heavy lifting but we educate our clients, putting their aforementioned fears to rest. We spend a lot of time helping clients determine what their priorities are and how we can help them look after and take control of those things. Let us help you overcome your fears too!

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