There are hundreds of Financial Planning Firms that  claim they’ve got “the best properties”, “the lowest fees”, “the highest returns”, ‘the most experienced employees“ and the list goes on.

In reality, most of them are “tied” to financial institutions (such as the major banks) or select property vendors, meaning they will mainly sell and push their own products rather than those products that are most suited to YOU and your individual needs. 

At Option, we are independently owned and not affiliated with ANY financial institutions. Our most important relationships are not with those institutions but rather with YOU, our client. In fact Option is not so much “product driven” as it is “strategy focused”. Our Financial Advisors provide you with a written strategy that is as unique as your “finger prints”.

With all that being said, we still have relationships with a wide range of banks and property vendors, allowing us to search out the best rates and the right vehicles to suit your specific situation. Our Investment Department utilises a broad spectrum of independent investment vehicles that form part of your strategy, moving you closer to the life you deserve living. 

So, don’t believe the hype…be diligent, do your research and don’t get forced into products and services that are stock standard and not tailored to you.

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